model house

The cover of Colin Maxwell's book, Model Making, has a very cool picture of a model store. I really liked how realistic it looked, got the book and made this house. The basic structure is made of foamcore board, with the front panel scored with lines for bricks. The low front wall is made the same way, but with styrofoam hedges covered with herbs. The flagstones on the front patio are made of plaster, and painted to look like stone. The shingles are made of posterboard, as is the chimney. Finally, the gutter is made of a dowel rod, which has copper wire around it to look like brackets.

The house probably took about a week and a half to complete. It was really fun to make, although a lot of precision is needed. Overall I think it looks very realistic, and want to make the store next. A few more pictures are below

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House on an angle
Partial view of the patio
Detail of the gate
Detail of the patio
Yet another detail
Aerial view of the patio
Detail of the roof
Detail of the door

Old Service Station

model service station

This model wasn't completely detailed and shown step by step, but it was in the back of the book as an idea. I thought the "old" look was cool, so I made this. This one took a shorter time than the house; about a week.

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A front view
The roof struts
Detail of the bench
Detail of the fuel pump
Detail of the roof
Detail of the street
Edited and realistic picture