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04.07.13 I connected an Android device to an Arduino to make an interactive LED table.

10.28.12 I built some electronic LED fireflies in glass jars. Check it out for instructions and code.

04.04.12 At long last, an update. Two new creations: a moving camera platform for making panning timelapses and a squashed coin necklace

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12.10.10 I modified my digital calipers to be powered from a 10 farad supercapacitor instead of a button cell battery.

05.30.10 The highspeed photography album has been updated with some cool water splash collision photos.

05.16.10 I replaced an old HDR timelapse with a better one on the timelapses page.

03.30.10 I built an Arduino intervalometer for taking timelapses with my Canon DSLR.

03.26.10 The infrared album has been updated, and I posted pictures of my infrared camera hack. Also, there are new high speed photos and a timelapse posted.

03.21.10 I got about 40 free solar cells, so I built a solar charging station for my mobile phone and iPod.

03.06.10 After some woodturning lessons, I made a wooden bowl and some pens. I also sewed a simple laptop case for my computer.

01.01.10 I painted my new Thinkpad and constructed a papercraft DSLR camera.

11.12.09 Two wooden boxes I made in the MIT hobby shop.

10.13.09 I've written a tutorial for creating timelapse videos using Movie Maker, QuickTime, or mencoder.

08.23.09 Another timelapse video, taken in Fairbanks, Alaska.

05.31.09 A new timelapse video of clouds, shot in infrared. Also, two photo albums: infrared and scanner. Plus, more macro photos.

01.24.09 New creations: wooden kitchen utensils and an Arduino-based etch-a-sketch. Also, new timelapse videos

01.04.09 A new papercraft motorcycle and a new timelapse video of Christmas morning.

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