12.10.05 More high speed photos. Some are photographs of a cap being blown off a water bottle. Quite cool.

11.20.05 I wrote a short tutorial on making the iTrip LCD better by making the internal antenna external. There's also some new high speed images for your viewing pleasure.

11.08.05 Finally, another card house, and this one's a beast.

11.05.05 More high speed photos of liquid nitrogen frozen food being smashed.

10.20.05 Here's another easy flash drive mod: throw it in a Lego brick!

10.12.05 Holy crap. This is cool.

10.10.05 More milk splash photos added.

10.01.05 Another update of the photography section, and a movie made from high speed photos of a milk drop splash.

09.29.05 The new photography section has been updated with some more high speed photos.

09.20.05 New section added-photography, with high speed and macro photos.

09.17.05 I made an audio visualizer, called a wave vessel, a while ago, and I finally got the time to throw it on the old site.

09.11.05 I finally got an account with flickr, so now I can post lots of random pics. Most of them will appear on my site too, but some of them will be exclusive to flickr.

08.09.05 After hacking a CVS disposable digital camera, I took these macro photographs. Also, the search feature is now running!

07.19.05 An easily concealed USB flash Drive, which is hidden inside a 1/64th scale Mini Cooper.

07.14.05 After a great idea came to me from the iLounge forums, I built my Wooden iPod Dock v. 2.0.

07.09.05 PVC + plexiglass + really cool paint job = bottle rocket launcher. Also, I just officially transferred over from my previous host, and have a bona fide domain name now- www.trevorshp.com. It used to just redirect visitors to home.carolina.rr.com/trevorshp, but now it's really a domain. Seriously. Look at your address bar.

07.08.05 I just discovered JavaScript, so there are many upgrades to my site. The most noticeable of which is the search feature above.

06.22.05 Two new creations, both of which have to do with iPods: a homemade iPod stand and an emergency iPod charger inside an Altoids tin.

06.16.05 I made an iPod dock from scratch with some wood a copy of the Apple logo.

05.13.05 Friday the 13th....boo! Anyway, a new model of a run-down service station.

05.02.05 The desktop icons are finally up for the taking. There's another creation, too. This time it's a couple of rings made from coins.

04.29.05 A few new origami models and one new card house. Plus, I just bought a domain name, so this site is now www.trevorshp.com!

04.09.05 Check out the all new links section.

04.07.05 An interactive Lord of the Rings crossword puzzle, created with the program from eclipsecrossword.com.

03.12.05 Two new creations! An awesome potato cannon, and a really realistic model house.

01.18.05 Another new drawing. This one's from the new Zelda game, The Minish Cap.