After making the Mini flash drive, I decided it would be cool to buy a smaller flash drive and put it in a lego. I'm really satisfied with the results, because it looks just like a pair of legos without the cap off. Also, you can add pieces on to the drive to customize it, but I like the simple bricks best. I'd say this even easier to make than the Mini one. I basically got four lego pieces - a 2x6 plate and brick, and a 2x2 plate and brick. I ground out all the insides of the 2x6 brick with a Dremel. I also had to shave down the sides a little so the drive could fit in. Next, I cut a little rectangle out of the front of the brick, just wide enough for the USB plug to fit in. I also made it tall enough so the studs from the bottom 2x6 plate would press against the plug, securing it in place. Once the drive was glued in and the bottom plate was super glued on, I ground out the inside of the 2x2 brick, but not all the way - I still needed some of the inside post left so that the cap fit snugly on the USB plug. I cut out another rectangle from the cap and glued the 2x2 plate onto the cap. With that, I now had a convincing looking Lego flash drive!

A painfully boring flash drive.
Let's see what we can do about that.
Ah, this will fit nicely.