I love to build things, hack things, and generally play around with stuff. As a result, I've amassed quite a collection of homemade toys and creations. I built a lot of things when I was younger, and some have stood the test of time, though many have become garbage. Many of those things were made early on, and don't really deserve pictures anyway. Throughout the years, I've continued to use up my time with projects and creations. Here I've chronicled my adventures in creation with woodworking, electronics, modding, lego-building, and lots of other tinkering. The most recently added stuff is first. Enjoy!

android led table thumbnail
Android Powered LED Table
I connected my Android to my Arduino and made a light-up table that can be controlled from a phone.
led fireflies thumbnail
LED Fireflies
Using a tiny microcontroller and 4 LEDs, I built some electronic fireflies in jars. They look great and last a really long time.

timelapse_panning thumbnail
Timelapse Panning Platform
This is a camera platform I made that has two axes of motion. I use it to create slow panning effects in timelapse videos
flattened coin necklace thumbnail
Flattened Coin Necklace
Katie and I squashed a dime with a train and then made a necklace from it. If you've got a train, this project is easy!

supercapacitor calipers thumbnail
Supercapacitor Calipers
I modified my digital calipers to be powered by a 10 farad supercapacitor. The calipers charge in 20 seconds and last for days.
intervalometer thumbnail
Arduino Intervalometer
I made a small device to control my Canon DSLR when taking timelapse videos. It is built around an Arduino Pro Mini, and works better than my previous TI-89 calculator solution.

solar charger thumbnail
Solar Charger Build
I got a lot of small solar cells for free and built a renewable-energy charging station for USB devices.
laptopcase thumbnail
Homemade Laptop Case
With Katie's help, I was able to sew a custom padded laptop case for my Thinkpad T400. It's a simple black case padded by headliner foam.

woodturning thumbnail
I took woodturning lessons from a friend, and made a lovely ambrosia maple bowl and a couple of wooden writing instruments.
wooden boxes thumbnail
Wooden Boxes
I have always liked a nice wooden box, so I decided how to learn to make my own. Here are two boxes that I made.

wooden kitchen utensils thumbnail
Wooden Kitchen Utensils
I figured a good (and useful) woodworking project would be to stock my kitchen with tools. I made a cutting board, spatula, and spoon from maple and walnut.
arduino etch-a-sketch thumbnail
Arduino Etch-a-Sketch
With my newly acquired Aruduino Diecimilia, I made a USB etch-a-sketch as my first project.

ipod dock 3 thumbnail
iPod dock 3
Another (but doubtfully final) dock for my iPod. More capability! Better construction! Still cheap!
LED bike light thumbnail
LED Bike Light
I wanted a cheap, small, long-lasting bicycle headlight. Seeing as those three conditions are never simultaneously met by manufacturers, I made my own.

laptop painting thumbnail
Laptop Painting
The back of my IBM Thinkpad was outrageously boring, but I amended that.
digital picture frame thumbnail
Digital Picture Frame
One of my favorite projects so far--converting an old laptop into a picture frame to show off my digital pictures.

itrip range mod thumbnail
iTrip Range Increase Mod
Listening to your iPod in your car is nice, but the static isn't. Follow this how-to and increase the clarity of your music.
tensesgrity table thumbnail
Tensegrity Coffee Table
This build was found online, and uses a tensegrity (tensile + integrity) structure to hold up a piece of glass (and itself).

funny speaker hack thumbnail
"Portable" iPod "Speakers"
Hmmm...I guess we work with what we are given. Not something I am too proud of.
lego flash drive thumbnail
Lego Brick Flash Drive
These flash drives are just begging to be put in things. A lego brick seemed to be the obvious choice here.

mini cooper flash drive thumbnail
Mini Cooper Flash Drive
It's a Mini flash drive. No, its not small, it's Mini. Oh, nevermind.
TV music visualizer thumbnail
T.V. Music Visualizer
I found this how-to online and had to try it. It turns out you need only to move 4 wires and add an audio jack for a T.V. to be an audio visualizer.

bottle rocket launcher thumbnail
Bottle Rocket Launcher
PVC + fireworks + realistic paint job = really cool looking bottle rocket launcher.
ipod dock 2 thumbnail
Enhanced iPod Dock
Take two on my wooden iPod dock. This one has audio out and charging capabilities.

aluminum ipod stand thumbnail
iPod Stand
I had some extra aluminum laying around the workshop, so I threw together this nice holder for my iPod.
altoids battery pack thumbnail
iPod Battery Pack
The plans for this Altoids power tin have been circulating the web, so I just made one for myself. Charges an iPod via 12VDC.

model fuel station thumbnail
Model Fuel Station
This is my second model, with no instructions this time. I especially like the weathered, old effect.
wooden ipod dock thumbnail
Wooden iPod Dock
Shell out a small fortune for an ipod dock? I don't think so. This one's made from wood (read "better")

model house thumbnail
Model House
This was a really fun project. It was made from instructions, but it showed me quite a few model-building secrets.
coin rings thumbnail
Coin Rings
Most excellent rings made from ordinary coins. The process is simple and elegant.

marble gun thumbnail
Compressed-Air Marble Gun
A somewhat dangerous build here...this gun shoots marbles or mini marshmallows at at about Mach 5.
potato cannon thumbnail
Potato Cannon
My potatoes were moving much too slowly, so I build this spud launcher. That sped them up quite a bit.

Card Houses
Some pretty big card houses I've built, many of which from a book called Stacking the Deck.
Lego Models
I've always been a fan of Lego. Here are some models I've designed and made. Most of the images were made with POV-Ray and ML-CAD.

skateboard ramp thumbnail
I made some pretty solid skateboard ramps a while back with some friends of mine. These are the best of them.
wooden swords thumbnail
Wooden Swords
These I made from old yard stakes. They are pretty easy to make, and really only need decorations to make them look like swords.