My first sword, made out of a property stake I found outside. The Elvish "inscription" is the same as that found on Aragorn's hunting knife, from the Lord of the Rings movies.

longsword longsword hilt

Longsword Sheath

I just made this sheath recently, custom-fit to my Longsword. The inside is made of corrugated cardboard, while the outside is covered in vinyl "leather". The black accents are real leather (got it at the craft store). It took me about 3 days to complete the whole thing. If only it made that sssszzzing! sound when drawn....

sword in sheath sheath
sword and sheath


Here's a sword I made just recently, again out of a property stake. The "inscription" translates to "Sting is my name", and is the first half of the inscription on Frodo's sword, Sting. As you can see, this sword is only one-handed, and has a semi-circular pommel.

sword sword hilt


I made this knife for my little brother about the same time I made the sword. It uses the same basic construction as the other two, except for the length, of course. Only one side on this one is "sharpened" because that's how knives are.