After painting my laptop, I decided I should protect the artwork, as well as the computer itself. I picked up some headliner foam and stretchy black fabric from the fabric store. I also got a small black zipper to fasten the case with. The bag is essentially a long rectangle folded in half, and sewn together up either edge. This means the bottom of the case is not a seam, but a fold. The foam helps protect the computer from dings and bumps, and the black fabric is just for show. To keep the black fabric from separating from the foam liner, I put some stitching over the surface of the case. The zipper was a bit difficult to sew in, but with the help of Katie's sewing skills, I got it figured out. The case is a custom fit for my computer, so the laptop fits in there nice and tightly.

the finished laptop case
detail of zipper
the inside
it works!