I like tinkering with Photoshop. Here are some of the more interesting things I've done. Click on any image to see it full sized.

Upside-down Face

A pretty odd look, which I found online and decided to try out myself.
On the Beach
beach hands vector

It's not a photograph, it is a vector image! This was with an online tutorial, and also featured on that tutorial!

See a few of the steps in the making of this image.

Blue Angels in Lightbulb

I like the idea of a scene taking place in a lightbulb, but I found it difficult to realize. This is the best one.
Tiny Italy
italy looks very small

By using blur properly, one can make the depth of field in an image become apparently very small, creating the illusion that the scene is actually on a very small scale. This was taken in Italy, potentially from the coliseum.
Hummingbird Attack
Humminbird attack face

I made this image for a class. It uses the same base as upside-down face, and then takes my hummingbird pictures too. Note the shadows of the birds on his neck!
Vector of Trevor

This was my first serious vector image. I did it from an old photograph of Trevor, from an online tutorial.

From an XKCD webcomic and a glow tutorial.
Golden Galaxy

This galaxy's spiral roughly follows the that of the golden ratio, 1.618.
Catching Air

My brother was only several inches from the ground, but I made it appear as if he was flying.
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