Below you can see my most interesting and attractive photographic adventures. I enjoy digital and film photography, and playing around try to make pictures more exciting. I am inspired and encouraged in this by the lovely Trevor, who has done some pretty awesome work.

General Photographs
A selection of my favorite pictures, from film and digital cameras.
I made a hummingbird feeder, and photographed the birds who came to it.
Macro Hack
I hacked a digital SLR to make a normal lens into a macro lens.
Backwards Lens
necklace clasp
I also tried reversing the normal lens, transforming it into a macro lens.
the letter a
I combined a dinky plastic microscope with a small digital camera to create these macro images.
tree blowing
I also transformed the digital SLR into a pinhole camera by removing the lens and building a dark box for the body. These photos came out rather well, all things considered.
italy looks miniature
I have done a bit of photoshopping. Here are some of the better results.
I sometimes doodle. Here are a few of my more artistic moments.
I'm new to timelapse, but with the help of Trevor I'm learning the ropes.

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