I'm rather new to taking timelapse photos/movies, but I'm learning how to do it from Trevor, who has many lovely videos and a helpful tutorial up online.

Overcast morning in Arizona


An overcast day at the site near Portal, AZ. Photos taken once every 6 seconds, and played back at 20 frames/second.

Clouds over a mountain in Arizona

clouds over a mountain

These clouds were really excited about exploring the beautiful day.

Inchworm Claymation

This is my first claymation -- a rather experimental film of an inchworm.

Clouds (Stanford University)

I'm learning to use a certain kind of Canon point-and-shoot camera, which has some pretty nifty software on it. This timelapse was a practice timelapse, but it came out rather well, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. (Note: later in that day it rained.)

Moonrise at SWRS

About two hours of moonrise at the South Western Research Station in Portal, Arizona.

Afternoon clouds at SWRS

clouds over cliffs

Photos taken every 3 seconds. At the end, the sun set behind a cliff in the background.

Bowling Claymation

This, my second claymation, is a short story about some bowling pins and bowling balls.

Sunset (South Western Research Station)

This was my first timelapse, and I did it by hand. In other words: I did not have an automated method of taking pictures, rather I stood next to my camera (balanced on a post) for 30 min and took a photo every 4 seconds or so. This causes it to be a little shakey, but doesn't (in my opinion) detract from the awesomeness of the sunest too much.

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