Free time can be hard to come by, but when I get some I like to use it well. Here are some of the more exciting, non-sewing projects (those deserve their own category) I've created in my spare time. Many of these were inspired (as always) by the lovely Trevor.

Soft Electronics
LEDs light up under a fabric image
Finally, I've begun making projects that match the name of this site!
Fused Plastic
plastic flower with red LED center
I created flowers from fused plastic bags. They have glowing LED centers: my first electronics project.

Two crochet bears
Recently I have learned to crochet; here are some of my creations!
applet screenshot
I like computers: I spent a summer working for the Stanford Graphics lab designing applets; I'm currently studying the algorithms underlying ant foraging behavior. I also enjoy webdesign.
T-shirt skirt
I used to make many crazy earrings; here is a selection of the best of them.

Please contact me if you are interested in more detail about any of these projects.

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