Hyperbolic Surface
orange and blue hyperbolic surface

After watching a TED talk about crochet coral reefs and hyperbolic surfaces, I decided to try to make one of my own. This cute little crochet coral creature is actually a hyperbolic plane, which is to say a plane that has an infinite number of lines, which go through a single point, which are parallel to another line. (in our own conventional geometry, there is only one line through a point that is parallel to another line).

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Bow Tie

A bow-tie I made for Trevor from a Craftzine tutorial. I'm sure it could be tied better, but this was my first time ever tying a bow-tie!
Hackey Sack

On the plane back home I crocheted this cute hackey sack, which is filled with my mom's nice sushi rice for a good weight and feel. It is really quite nice, although a little larger than your average sack.

A hat I made on 2 plane trips to wear in Boston, since I had lost my nice one.
First Dude

I went to Maker Faire in the Bay Area, and got inspired to make some amigurumi dudes. Here is my first attempt (before and after sewing on its head. I think my thread was too thin, or my hook too large, because you can see right through its body to the rust fabric stuffing inside! Which is, incidentally, a scrap from the Stanford skirt in under Sewing Projects.)
Mitten & Glove
both mittens

I followed an easy pattern to create a mitten. Then I decided to make up my own pattern for the other hand, leaving me with one mitten and one half-fingers glove thing with a flap that can be buttoned down or pulled over the fingers. Luckily I did the left mitten first, (and am right handed), so I can wear them and still do things with my hands like tie shoes and zip zippers.

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Hat and Matching Armwarmers
wearing the hat and an armwarmer

This hat and armwarmers were made without a pattern from a beautiful yarn from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. I did single crochet on the armwarmers, and double crochet for the hat. I made a soft (and non-itchy) fleece lining for the wool hat.

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Small Dude

I made this cute little dude during free time this summer. He is a lot smaller than the red dude, but the same pattern. Maybe I'll give him some eyes someday. Both of them, actually.
Small Sheep

The same day as finishing the bear, I decided to make a little sheep with the same red and some blue yarn. You can see that I don't have many colors! Eyes are in his future.
Large Dude
red dude

Here is another amigurumi dude, made following (but not strictly observing) instructions from this site. I just finished him, and will later put on some eyes and probably some ears. But that may be in several weeks, after I return home for the summer!

I stuffed him, for lack of anything else, with two stanford pompoms which I got for free at football games. The dude has a really nice consistency, good for hugging or catching one-handed.

The next day I sewed the ears and nose on my red bear, which result in this cute little guy! Actually, he isn't that little. See my hand holding him for size comparison.

You can compare his size to that of my first amigurumi, and see the decimated pompoms.

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I crocheted myself a pair of arm warmers. They are by far the most useful things I have made yet, and I use them nearly every morning to shield my hands from the chill as I bike to class.

I made up the pattern after watching a friend knit a pair for herself.

Webcam Hat
Webcam Hat

The second thing I ever crocheted was this Web cam hat (isn't it cute?). I spiraled up with single crochet and then somehow messed up a double crochet which caused it to come to a sudden stop. This hat also makes a nice soda can-holder, paper-clip cup, or strange ear-muff. The first thing I crocheted was a green square, which I did not consider worthy to be photographed.

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