Circuit Board

There is a story behind these earrings: A tree outside our house was struck by lightning and the electricity fried our DVD player, which had a DVD in it. I took it apart to get the DVD out, and made these earrings from the innards.

Poof-ball critters

Aren't they cute?


Bells from a broken anklet I got at The Scrap Exchange.

Button Studs

I really like these ones. Superglue + materials from Michael's (the craft store) make for simple, durable earrings like these.

Pencil Sharpeners
pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners (not much skill needed to make these, i'm afraid)

Necklace Parts
metal shapes

These pieces of an (ugly) necklace look like they were meant to be earrings.

Circuit Boards (again)
circuit board

Another pair of circuit board earrings. The others have a lot of exposed lead solder, so I made these because they look safer. Sadly, they are rather sharp edges and poke me!

Underwire from a Bra
twisted underwire

These are the best. They are underwire's from a bra, twisted at the end and painted with a peachy nail polish. Sadly one of them got stepped on once and isn't doing quite as well as the other.

coffee lids

From Frappichino lids. The edges are painted with clear nail polish so that they cannot cut my neck.

Penguins with Earmuffs

Clay (Sculpy?) penguins with earmuffs.
Mini-zipper earrings

These are a bit too heavy for everyday wear. Zippers are from The Scrap Exchange.

Plastic Critters

Very simple to make, although rather silly.

Button Ring

Not earrings, sorry.

Plastic Bits
plastic swirls

These are some of my favorites. They are random plastic bits from the Scrap Exchange which are lots of fun to wear.

Puzzle cube
puzzle cube pieces

From the Duke TIP program's puzzle cube.


Trolls. How odd. I've hardly ever worn these.

Plastic Cars
plastic cars

Plastic cars — cute, but I hardly ever wear these either.

Binder Clips
binder clips

These binder clip earrings are cute, and I like them a lot.

Necklace Parts
necklace long earrings

These are from a necklace. They are really long, and would be great on someone with long, straight hair.

More Necklace Parts

One of these still has the clasp, which makes it look nifty (although perhaps a bit emo).

Bread Bag Tabs
bread bag clips

One of these broke — but they were fun to wear and would be quite easy to fix.

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