Apron with Chickens
apron with chicken fabric

A apron with chicken fabric from the awesome Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, lined with part of an old sheet & orange trim from an old pillowcase. The rooster pocket in the front lines up with the print below!

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Bedroom Curtains
bedroom curtains

Light-blocking, colorful curtains spruce up our white bedroom.
Whale Potholders
whale potholders

Cute whale hotpads, with quilted whales.
Lego Pillowcase
lego pillowcase

I made a lego letters pillowcase for my cousin, Ben, who really likes all things lego. I used scraps for the letters, and part of an old sheet for the case itself. The green edge is the bottom of a green t-shirt.
LED comforter cover
LED comforter cover

I made a new comforter cover for Trevor, because his old one (at the bottom of this page) was getting pretty old. This one has a big yellow LED on it, as well as some other details that make it a higher quality cover than the first one.
Lunch sack
lunch sack 1

I also invented a lunch sack, which is slightly derived from Amy Karol's book and slightly made up. It is really fun -- I like it! No more brown paper or plastic bags for me; it fits my whole lunch perfectly!

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Sunburst Pillowcase
pillow front

For Trevor's birthday I made him this sunshine pillow. It was a lot of ironing! The pillow has 6 secret pockets and 2 interchangeable snap-on messages (one of which is shown -- Happy 19th Birthday!). The back has stripes with width-ratios corresponding to the Fibonacci sequence.

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Matching Pillowcase

I made a pillow to match my quilt (above), again following Amy Karol's instructions. I ran out of blue fabric (everything was almost gone after the quilt) so I fudged the front of the pillow. Luckily there was just enough for the silly front and a nice overlapping back (right).

You can see the front panel for the pillow -- I embroidered it with my sewing machine! I learned about this exciting free-hand sewing stuff (quilting?) last weekend, and enjoy playing with it. The sun image is from a google image search.

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Collapsable Storage Boxes
box with mini shampoos

Trevor and I invented and made collapsable storage boxes from cardboard, fabric, and ribbon -- great for holding small shampoos and toiletries!

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Placemats and Napkins

I'm living in an apartment this summer, so I made some more placemats and napkins to make the table less bare. I have four with fruit patterns, which are similar to those below, but I modified the pattern somewhat. I used the last scraps of fabric to make a hotpad.

I also made some napkins and another set of placemats.

Resistor Pillowcase
resistor pillowcase

Here is the matching pillowcase for the new comforter cover. This resistor's value is supposed to be '42', but I'm not sure I did it correctly.
Placemats & Napkins

I made placemats and napkins from some scrap cloth to make our summer apartment more homey. Aren't they cute? They are also from Amy Karol's book.

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Pillow Case

I made this pillow-case from an old normal-sized pillow case ($.50), a down pillow insert ($2) and some scraps of fabric ($0). I had fun using pretty colors of thread for this project. This gave me a cute, cheap pillow-cover which matches our common room quite nicely.

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quilt front

I made this quilt over the weekend from scraps of fabric (see the extra skirt fabric?), and old T-shirts. This is my first quilt -- hence the imperfection on the back. I used a pattern from Amy Karol's book to make this, learning much on the way.

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First Comforter Cover
comforter cover and pillow case

I made a comforter cover and pillowcase for my boyfriend shortly before the sewing machine was fixed. It was on its last legs: I could hardly finish the pillowcase! The cover is reversible, made of 6 large pieces of fabric. The pillowcase is made of scraps, but it doesn't look too scrappy.

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