Plastic Rainboots: Making Of 


First I ironed together four plastic bags: the blue one is a bag from the Exploritorium in San Francisco; the brown are grocery bags; and there is a clear trash bag on top of the blue one.

(the instructions for fusing plastic bags are in Craftzine volume 12)

Then I made feet out of felt and flannel slightly larger than my feet.
And sides for the feet, of flece and flannel.
I sewed them together, right sides together, but with no intention of flipping them rightside-in. They are to be the lining of the shoes, and to stay in this orientation. The flannel is for shape and fun.
Here is the foot alone.
Then I cut matching rectangles from the fleece and flannel and made a trunk for the feet. At this point the things were awesomely soft, warm, and comfy, so I may make myself some soft booties sometime with this general pattern.
I made cardboard souls for my shoes, and covered them with duct tape, and even made a little arch-support thing.
I cut out pieces of my fused plastic for the feet and the shoes. I decided to have the top of the shoes be one piece instead of two to keep water from coming in.


Here is the trunk of the fused plastic. I ironed on some target bags and shopping bags to make a palm tree design.
Here they are, all assembled!
Mmmm, silly boots!
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