Jersey Shirt with Ruffled Sleeves

I threw together this yellow shirt from some soft yellow jersey using only the serger. The exciting part was making ruffles on the tops of the sleeves using the serger's ruffle foot. I had to reinforce the neckline with a blue ribbon, but maybe next time I'll try something that matches the fabric weight better.

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Velvet T-Shirt

I made a shirt out of stretchy velvet using only my serger. It was super easy - I used an existing t-shirt as a pattern - and makes me think that sewing my own clothing is a real possibility!

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Better Bike Jersey

A better bicycle jersey, made from material that is meant for athletic wear. Plus, it has cute little bright green bits on the sleeves and back pocket to make me more visible!

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Bike Jacket

I made a windbreaker bike jacket for our bicycle tour / general riding. The yellow is rip-stop nylon, the black is some sort of swimwear stretchy stuff. It has reflective piping on the arms and back, and a vent flap thing on the back. It really does keep the wind out!



I created a jacket from scratch, inspired by a old dress shirt of my dad's which he had donated to my sewing cause because it had a little rip in the elbow. I decided this shirt would make a nice lining to a jacket, and thus it began.

The material for the jacket is a suiting from Joann's. The functional buttons have little flowers pressed inside of them.

The coat has a pocket on the inside from the dress shirt, and one pocket on the outside (because I didn't have material or patience to make two).

This project took me two full days, which is longer than any other sewing project thus far.

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I made a cool yellow shirt from a sheet a while ago. As soon as I get some pictures, I'll put it up here too.
Another Cycling Jersey

Another cycling jersey, this one with side panels taken from an XL athletic jersey which I was fitting down to my size. I used the serger for this one, making it more robust and 'pro' than the last.

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Warm Bike Jacket

This warm, bright yellow, water-resistant bike jacket is lined with fleece and has reflective trim at the wrists and on the back.

I put a fold of fleece under the zipper so cold wind can't blow through the zipper and get me.

Because the rip-stop nylon in my previous jacket frayed a lot, I made careful, covered seams. Oh, to have a serger!

Some images look light yellow, but don't be fooled by the white balance. This is a super-visible jacket! I'm looking forward to wearing it on commutes to work in the cold and rain, this winter.

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Bike Jersey

I made a super bright green bike jersey with mesh sides for breathability and back pockets, for our bicycle tour. It was pretty easy to make, and I plan on making more as this one faded a lot over the 900 miles or so I've worn it.

Partially Recycled Shirt
view from front

I made a new shirt, from an old green shirt and some blue jersey fabric. I really liked the neckline on the green shirt, so I used that part and the stripes to incorporate it into the new shirt.

This three+ hour project was relatively simple, although making it fit was tricky and I had to keep trying it on throughout.

See more images to see a close up of winnie-the-pooh, who resides on the left sleeve of the new striped shirt, and a better view of the neckline.

First Shirt from Scratch
front view of shirt

I made this shirt from jersey material (stretchy t-shirt material). I think it is pretty cute, and it was really easy to make!

See the odd front pockets? I like the boat-neck look. And the bell-bottomed sleeves.

Back view

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