Pleated Skirt
pleated skirt with brown and purple pleats

I made this pleated skirt without a pattern, but it turned out so well that it almost could have had one! I like the way it is sort of pear shaped, and curves back around under my knees. This skirt is also one of the best I've made in terms of fastening: it has a zipper and two clasps, and fits me perfectly.
Floaty Skirt
wearing skirt

I made this very simple skirt from a huge piece of light fabric from the Scrap Exchange. The skirt is really a big donut with some hemming. This picture shows the method I created to allow myself to pull up this non-elastic skirt, and then fasten it, since I had no zippers. I sewed on three buttons, and three loops for the decorative fastening, while on the bottom right you can see a subtle snap to hold up the flappy extra fabric. The skirt is awesome for spinning and jumping because it has so much fabric. It is also nice and cool -- because the fabric is so lightweight and bouncy.

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First Skirt
First skirt

This is the first skirt I made, and in fact the first real thing I sewed on my Grandmother's sewing machine. I found the pattern online, and created this cute skirt! At this point the machine was completely new to me (and broken), as was sewing. I did the whole thing on one stitch; it probably looks much better from far away.

I also made a second skirt with the same pattern, with different fabric wedges for panels. Much of the fabric was from my baby dresses.

Skeleton Skirt

This was my first project done fully on the serger! It was so easy and fun.

I cut a donut of the black cloth, with the circumfrance of the inner hole about equal to that of my hips. I made a long strip of skeleton cloth from shorter (1 yd) segments, then serged that to the outside of the donut. Finally, the waistband is from an XL tshirt, which I cut a strip from, folded in half, and serged to the inside of the donut.

The stretch from the tshirt holds the skirt up!

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Bedsheet Skirts

My suitemate (whose sewing machine we have been using at school) and I made a really cute skirts out of some sheets and pillowcases. Mine has a second layer as a slip, hers is a wrap-around. All materials were once bedding -- except the thread! This has become my favorite skirt: it is really fun to wear.

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Pants to Skirt
Cowgirl skirt

I made a cute skirt from someone else's old corduroy pants. It has a nice stretchy waistband and stays on well, which is exciting, since I have yet to learn to fit clothes to myself in a proper way.
Jeans to Skirt
long skirt

I made a full length skirt from an old pair of jeans and two wedges of fabric (actually, the same fabric as in the skirt below!).

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