I'm taking a really cool class at Stanford called Art and Electronics, taught by Gail Wight. We learn basic electronics (analog and a bit of microcontrollers), and then make art from it.
Final Project: LED Matrix Quilt
LED quilt

For the final project I made a LED matrix quilt. See photos and video.

Project 2: Motor
moterized bunny

The second project was to make something with a motor. I crocheted this amigurumi bunny, who has a motor in his body which turns his head. He has also got a matching frankenstein-style switch (double pole, double throw) which allows someone to change the direction in which his head is rotating. See a video of him.

Project 1: LED
moterized bunny

Our first project was to make an art with an LED. I chose to use 3 LEDs, and make a stop light of them using only the circuit for structure. In other words, every bit of the sculpture (except for a tiny bit of duct tape) is conducting electricity for the circuit.

More photos

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