Featured: My Etsy shop has soft electronics, clothing, critters and kits

Recent Updates:

6.9.13 Arr, a nautical sentence generator as a foray into css3.

6.9.13 A cycling jersey, ruffled shirt and upcycled tshirt shirt created with my lovely Serger!

4.7.13 Soft circuits tutorials on parallel and tricolor LED circuits. Better light-up gloves for cycling.

3.30.13 I'll have a booth at Maker Faire on 'Sew Simple Circuits'!

See me at Maker Faire!

3.17.13 An apron with chicken fabric, and an update to my Android App, Color Namer.

3.11.13 An introductory electronics tutorial for those who want to sew circuits, but don't know electronics yet!

3.9.13 Some photos of a skirt and shirt I made using my new Serger!

2.4.13 Wrote my first Android App, Color Namer, which names colors based on the XKCD color survey.

1.1.13 Need soft circuit materials or want a silly needle-felted object? Check out my new Etsy Shop!

10.27.12 Needlefelted circuits: a reactive sheep and a loving bunny

6.3.12 An Arduino Basics tutorial

4.1.12 Homemade shoes and a reflective, light-up cycling vest

12.15.11 A light-up leg band for cycling and a multimeter basics tutorial.

10.16.11 Household projects for my apartment -- collapsable storage boxes and colorful bedroom curtains.

10.16.11 I'll be warm and visible in this new cycling jacket.

9.5.11 Another bike jersey -- these are super useful as I am bicycling to work every day!

8.1.11 Want to learn about soft electronics? I've begun a small tutorial, and will add more here with time.

8.1.11 A bicycling jacket and jersey, and a bag for under the bike seat.

3.12.11 A LED Matrix quilt!

1.22.11 Some projects from an awesome class, Art and Electronics.

1.18.11 A sewn circuit which blinks, made from a 555 timer chip.

I'm an employee of a well-known Silicon Valley company and a graduate of Stanford University, where I was a Biomedical Computation major. Inspired by Trevor of trevorshp.com, I like doing projects in my free time.

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