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6.9.13 Arr, a nautical sentence generator as a foray into css3.

6.9.13 A cycling jersey, ruffled shirt and upcycled tshirt shirt created with my lovely Serger!

4.7.13 Soft circuits tutorials on parallel and tricolor LED circuits. Better light-up gloves for cycling.

3.30.13 I'll have a booth at Maker Faire on 'Sew Simple Circuits'!

See me at Maker Faire!

3.17.13 An apron with chicken fabric, and an update to my Android App, Color Namer.

3.11.13 An introductory electronics tutorial for those who want to sew circuits, but don't know electronics yet!

3.9.13 Some photos of a skirt and shirt I made using my new Serger!

2.4.13 Wrote my first Android App, Color Namer, which names colors based on the XKCD color survey.

1.1.13 Need soft circuit materials or want a silly needle-felted object? Check out my new Etsy Shop!

10.27.12 Needlefelted circuits: a reactive sheep and a loving bunny

6.3.12 An Arduino Basics tutorial

4.1.12 Homemade shoes and a reflective, light-up cycling vest

12.15.11 A light-up leg band for cycling and a multimeter basics tutorial.

10.16.11 Household projects for my apartment -- collapsable storage boxes and colorful bedroom curtains.

10.16.11 I'll be warm and visible in this new cycling jacket.

9.5.11 Another bike jersey -- these are super useful as I am bicycling to work every day!

8.1.11 Want to learn about soft electronics? I've begun a small tutorial, and will add more here with time.

8.1.11 A bicycling jacket and jeresy, and a bag for under the bike seat.

3.12.11 A LED Matrix quilt!

1.22.11 Some projects from an awesome class, Art and Electronics.

1.18.11 A sewn circuit which blinks, made from a 555 timer chip.

12.31.10 More soft electronics projects: a light-up bike glove, a soft stretch sensor, and a light-sensor/speaker test circuit.

12.31.10 A fleece-lined crochet hat and matching armwarmers.

10.30.10 Finally, projects made with conductive thread — soft squares that light up when plugged in or pushed.

10.30.10 New videos from this summer added to the Timelapse page.

09.13.10 A coat with a dress shirt for lining, and another bag from a t-shirt

06.20.10 I made some more placemats and napkins for my summer apartment.

06.17.10 I made a purse and a pillowcase for my cousins, and a tote bag from a t-shirt for a friend.

04.10.10 The applets I created last summer for teaching digital photography are being used at Stanford.

03.30.10 I crocheted a hyperbolic surface for Trevor.

03.29.10 I created a new website in CSS.

03.26.10 I made a lovely pair of corduroy pants from scratch.

01.15.10 A new shirt made from an old shirt and some random fabric.

01.02.10 This pleated skirt had no pattern, but I really like the way it turned out!

01.02.10 A bag from a t-shirt and a new, nerdy comforter cover and pillowcase for holiday gifts.

07.11.09 I made a second pair of jeans, which are better and cuter than the first.

07.10.09 I made a lunch sack, and sewed a silly tie and some placemats.

05.24.09 My hummingbird feeder gets lots of hummingbirds every day. See my best pictures.

05.05.09 Sewing project: some LED t-shirts.

04.14.09 Inspired by some bushes outside, I made a hummingbird feeder.

04.12.09 I gently 'hacked' a camera lens to get these awesome macro photos!

03.10.09 I added a fused plastic bag hat and a crocheted bow-tie (both from Craft magazine)

02.03.09 Back in the day I made earrings, and I've uploaded the best photos.

01.31.09 I made fused-plastic-bag flowers with glowing LED centers!

01.24.09 I made a cute pillow-cover from scraps.

01.16.09 I made real blue jeans from scratch! I used another pair of my pants as a rough template.

12.16.08 I and a friend made skirts from bedclothes! See them on the skirts page.

12.11.08 Silly, most likely ineffective hand-made rainboots from fused plastic bags.

11.13.08 Sewing fleece is just as easy as jersey -- and much warmer!

10.20.08 I am in an class called Intro to Programming, and here are some of my Java programs.

10.17.08 I took a class called 'The Intellectual Excitement of Computer Science' before the fall quarter started at Stanford, and made this website with some friends.

Before October, 2008 I did not archive my updates.
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